Mitch McConnell has made a career out of keeping blacks and women off the federal bench.

Trump and the Senate GOP are using the judicial confirmation process as a political tool — filling lifetime appointments with unfit and unqualified radical conservatives whose records prove they will not protect our rights.  

An excellent explainer can be found here: What Trump Has Done to the Courts, Explained.  See also this report from the Alliance for Justice.

Americans deserve fair, impartial, independent and non-partisan judges and justices who will safeguard the rights of all —not unqualified, smug political hacks, closed-mined ideologues, self-righteous zealots, liars, predatory corporatists, abusive bullies, hate group leaders, racists, bigots and misogynists.  They are crackpot right-wing political operatives plain and simple. Not judges.


As of March 2020, 86% of Trump's judicial nominees confirmed by the GOP Senate are white and 76% are male. Some Trump judges have never even tried a case. A record number are rated "not qualified" by the ABA.  Most are members of the ultra-conservative Federalist Society or have been selected and groomed by the Federalist Society to pervert our justice system and enact a fascist agenda that fundamentally undermines democracy and human dignity, especially for vulnerable Americans. Just 4% of U.S. lawyers belong to the Federalist Society, but over 80% of Trump’s appellate court nominees are Federalist Society members. They are using the courts to execute a radical, unpopular, minority agenda that they could not accomplish at the ballot box.  

“McConnell doesn’t care about passing legislation,” says Lena Zwarensteyn, Fair Courts Campaign director. “He’s  confident he can get the results he wants on health care, immigration, voting rights, educational equity and the rights for people to organize in the workplace by installing judges that will rule in their (GOP’s) favor.” The opposite of impartial.  The opposite of neutral.  This is the dirty rigging and corruption of the legal system. 


Republicans blatantly abused or ignored the rules of the Senate to hold vacancies open for years, contemptuously blocked President Obama's nominees, abused the blue slip system, and rammed through (with less than two hours of debate allowed per nominee) an unprecedented number of Trump judges with the express, stated purpose of packing the courtsThey don't deny it. They laugh and brag about it. Ratfucking the courts.