The Fact Sheets report the details about the unfit, biased judges corruptly rammed through the judicial confirmation process by Trump and Moscow Mitch.

The Fact Sheets are one page, quick to read and easy to share.  The post on each judge includes further extensive background information if you want to learn more.


It's not enough to say these judges are "bad." To persuade, we must share the specific facts of their own records.  

Trump and McConnell are counting on the resumes of their hand-picked extremist judges going unnoticed. The opposite needs to happen - we need to shine a light on these judges and their real resumes. Download/copy Fact Sheets and post them on Instagram, share them on Facebook, tweet them, mail them, hang them on public bulletin boards, kiosks or in bathroom stalls, or hand them out on campus. #RFingTheCourts #WhitewashingTheBench Force accountability on every GOP senator who voted to confirm these judges. The American people deserve answers from these senators about their votes.

Who needs to see this information?  Friends. Neighbors. Colleagues. College students. Lawyers. Law students. Law student organizations. Career services officers at law schools. Women's professional organizations. Diversity officers at any corporation or State Bar... 

Dear Law Firm Hiring Partner:


Materials like these are being distributed at law schools you recruit from. Be prepared to explain your firm’s role in the Federalist Society and your commitment to diversity and equality.

Dear Corporate Diversity Chair:


Materials like these are being distributed at colleges and universities you recruit from. Be prepared to explain your support of elected officials who confirmed these judges and your firm’s commitment to diversity and equality.

Dear Law Student:


Before you interview with any law firm, ask the managing partner if the firm’s commitment to diversity and equality is real or if the firm supports the Federalist Society.  Insist on the names of the firm’s Federalist Society members.

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty."

The Federalist Society is the real Deep State.

The Federalist Society is affirmative action for unfit crackpots.